Korfstat beta



In the chilly cold spring days on 2017 I was trying to follow a korfball tournament on the IKF owned website, WorldKorfball.org. The problem I thought, though, is that the website does nothing to show the structure of a tournament, or how a particular team progressed throughout, which games they won, which they lost, and how important they were.

So I started to work on my own....

It took me a few weeks to build up a basic view of a tournament, and to show (what I believe to be) a better view of each game. From there I just kept on adding more stats and overviews, and figuring what other visualisation I could show with the base data that I was given.

Every so often I would do a bit more work on it - the project sitting very much in my personal play pen of sites and projects that I've got rummaging around in my head and computer.

Then as the wintery nights of Christmas 2017 start to settle in, I realised I had a system that could show a lot of data, but the system was bloated and held together with some computer plasters; the underlying code and data structures were messy and convulted and the interface was clunky and archaic (think Excel 1990 or something).

This could look so much better...

So I satrted a re-write! I soon found however that the data from the API on worldkorfball, although fairly normalized, is messy. It has conflicting data and doesn't return all the information you need to showcase what I wanted to achieve. I spent a long time creating my own data structures from the WorldKorfball API, and then started to work on a visual style that would work throughout the site.

Then it was just a case of a few thousand lines of code to create what you see in-front of you now. Easy.

That was fun....

From there it was just a case of adding little additions as I saw fit, and creating some cool new features. In early 2018 I 'launched' the site on korfstat.com, and let the public have a play with all the data.

I'm continually adding a few features, creating new views, and playing about with the style during this beta phase, so please do bear with me if there are a few glitches here and there - it's a work in progress.

Enjoy - I know I have.

Woah their horsey, why only a few tournaments?


Yep, time.....this is a personal project and as such I don't get paid (sad face). All tournaments have structures and journeys that differ from one to the next. The system is built to be able to handle multiple tournament structures, but I need to do a bit of coding for each one. At the moment I've coded up a couple, but as time goes on I'll add some more. Or hire me to put more up :happy face:.

Add your own data and games?

All the data on this site is gathered from the public World Korfball API, that gives developers like myself a heap of data on every game and tournament in their database.

However, there is nothing to stop you, yes you, from adding your own games and viewing the results in the same style as the games currently on the site. All you need to do is enter the players, goals and subs, and everything else gets created from that - cool hey!

I can add my own games? Crazy!!

Well theoretically yes. However I'm working on the public ability to add individual games, and it should be with you .....soon.

I'm also offering up the ability to have more advanced features and more advanced analysis for clubs for a permium membership. That'll arrive sometime soon as well....theoretically.

Either way, I'm always open to helping clubs and creating game data for them in visually pleasing and useful styles . Get in contact with me for more info: nick@nick-wilkins.com and maybe I can help.

I've got a tournament coming up I'd like to showcase, but it won't be on World Korfball

Never fret squire, for I am here to help. Or can be anyway. I realise that tournament structures are hard to visually style, especially over a range of devices and sizes in todays modern world. But I think this site does a pretty good job, and I want to give you the ability to add your own tournaments to this list as well. Again, just get in contact (nick@nick-wilkins.com) and let's see what we can do.

We could be heroes .... just for one day!

"Corr blimey governor, we could do so much more with this base data", I hear you cry. From analysing over multiple games, whole tournament stats, team stats over a period of time, and even more on individual games. Not to mention the data-vis I want to dive into.

Of course, my time is limited and I don't get paid for this (buy me a beer if you see me around), but here's a small wishlist of things that I'd like to get to in the future:

Got more ideas and thoughts? Let me know ... nick@nick-wilkins.com